Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting into Good Habits: Birthday Gifts go to Needy Children of Lake Park Elementary

There is an ancient proverb that says, “Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.” This being the case, we at Humanitarian Service Project sure are happy that the generosity of our supporters has allowed us to develop some very good habits. Today we got to practice one such habit we’ve been able to form recently, delivering birthday boxes to Lake Park Elementary School.

As frequent readers may know, after adopting the entire school for our Christmas Offering project last Christmas, we were able to enroll all 329 needy children at Lake Park into our Children’s Birthday Project a couple of months ago. Since then, we’ve been happy to get into the habit of preparing for the deliveries of birthday gifts for these children twice every month, as we know there is so much need at the school. Over 88% of the children at Lake Park Elementary come from families with incomes low enough that they receive subsidized school lunches. (Above: Lake Park Elementary Principal Deb Martello speaking with students about HSP’s program at an assembly last month.)

We want to thank all of our sponsors, and other supporters, because it is only through your help that we have been able to reach these needy children at Lake Park. We also want to thank our volunteer driver Rich Patera, who has proven to be a man of good habits, for regularly volunteering to deliver the birthday boxes from our center in Carol Stream to the school. We know that these gifts have truly made birthdays special for all the needy children at Lake Park.

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