Monday, April 23, 2012

Volunteering on the Run: Thank you to HSP’s Human Race Participants!

Humanitarian Service Project wants to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in the first annual DuPage Human Race on HSP’s behalf this past Saturday. We had a total of six people who volunteered for the 5K run and a walker in the 2 mile fitness walk. We want to thank all of them for getting active and helping to represent HSP in the community. We would like to recognize all of them here: Alex Gordy, Ginna Eriksen, Matt Eriksen, Noriko Valenta, Randy Leffelman, Jerry Rezabek, and Sripadma Arimilli.

(From Left: Matt Eriksen, Melissa Eriksen, Ginna Eriksen, and Alex Gordy.)

HSP staff member Alex Gordy participated in the event as his first ever 5k run. Alex said that it was nice to see so many people at the event motivated to raise money and awareness for many good causes. Ginna Ericksen, the volunteer coordinator of HSP’s Secret Pal Program, made the event a family affair running for HSP with her husband Matt, and her daughter Melissa running for another organization. Congratulations are certainly in order for Ginna, and Noriko Valenta, who also ran for HSP, for finishing 2nd and 1st in their divisions respectively.

Again, we want to thank everyone who participated in the event either by running, or donating money to sponsor our runners. The event has helped us in our mission to reach out to needy senior citizens and children in the area, by raising funds and awareness of our programs in the community.

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