Monday, April 16, 2012

Support HSP’s Human Race Volunteers

Ever since 1974, one week in April has been chosen as “National Volunteer Week” to inspire people to engage with the needy and to help build stronger, better communities. The week has also come to be a time to encourage and support those who take the time to volunteer and enrich the lives of those in need in our community. At HSP we have a special event going on this week that will allow you to both show your support for a few of these special volunteers, as well as make an impact in the lives of the needy people HSP serves.

We are looking for people to sponsor our runners for the First Annual DuPage Human Race this Saturday. The race is scheduled to correspond with the end of National Volunteer Week, and is designed to raise money and awareness for local charities like HSP. We have a number of wonderful volunteers who have chosen to give their time and energy to represent HSP in the race. By sponsoring HSP in the Human Race, you will not only show that you support the endeavors of these fantastic volunteers in making an impact in the community, all of the money donated will go directly to helping the needy senior citizens, families, and children the HSP serves. If you would be interested, please visit our donation page for the event:

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