Wednesday, April 18, 2012

United Stationers to Wrap Gifts for 29 Needy Children

Relative to what you are talking about, the number 29 can seem like a small number, or incredibly large. When it comes to bags of gifts to wrap for the needy children served by HSP, 29 certainly is the latter. However, that is the number of bags that our friends at United Stationers in Carol Stream picked up to wrap from our center yesterday. To put this into perspective, 29 bags of gifts to wrap contains somewhere in between 116 to 232 large gifts (such as games, puzzles, education toys/kits, craft/ art kits, sporting equipment,) 145-203 books, and countless other smaller gifts and school supplies. Volunteers at United Stationers will be wrapping all of these gifts for the sake of needy children at Lake Park Elementary School in Addison, who are enrolled in our Children’s Birthday Project. We want to thank United Stationers for helping HSP make a huge impact in the lives of these 29 needy children, and the countless more needy children and senior citizens they’ve helped over the years through their partnership with HSP. (Above: Bags of gifts to be wrapped for HSP's Children's Birthday Project, and shelves that were was packed full of gifts to wrap were cleared out by United Stationers.)

United Stationers has helped HSP in a myriad of ways by donating money, goods, and volunteering their time for a number of projects. Considering how active United Stationers has been at helping HSP reach out to the needy already, wrapping gifts for 29 children seems all the more impressive. If you would like to follow United Stationer’s example by wrapping gifts for 1 or more of the 900 needy children served by our Children’s Birthday Project, please call us at 630-221-8340.

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