Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spirits Bright and Wide Awake at Humanitarian Service Project

Our Tuesday at the Humanitarian Service Project perked up when we had a very generous donation of 56 cases of coffee delivered to our dock. During the month of March, Philip Janisch located HSP when he and his daughter were driving through the neighborhood and found us in the parking lot during our Senior Delivery day. It was our lucky day when he asked us if we could use cases of coffee and of course we jumped at the chance.

Phil Coffee Donation 001

Pictured: Philip Janisch next to his large donation of coffee.

Philip has the spirit of donating in his heart as he has been giving cases of coffee away to the local fire departments and churches in his community. We are very grateful for this donation of 1120 bags of coffee as it will go a long way in the grocery bags for the Senior Citizen Project and Feed the Kids Project. 120 seniors and 100+ families will enjoy the coffee and start their days more awake for the summer months of May through August.

It is through the support of wonderful people in our community like Phil, which make the many projects at HSP so successful. Donations of items such as food, toys, money, and people’s valuable time translates to significant support for needy seniors, children and their families in our community. If you are interested in donating or volunteering we look forward to hearing from you at (630) 221-8340 or visit our website at hsp@humanitarianservice.org.

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