Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One of the best parts of a birthday party!
HSP is currently looking for age-appropriate donations to our Party-In-A-Box kits, specifically for children ages 8-11!  Party-In-A-Box kits are an important component of our Children’s Birthday Project, which provides a 20-25 lb package to 900 needy children in DuPage and Kane Counties.
On their special day, each child receives their Birthday Box, which contains presents and a Party-In-A-Box kit.  Each kit contains all the makings for a super birthday party, including cake mix, frosting, balloons, streamers, party favors, napkins, candles, plastic cutlery, and a tablecloth! Combine that with a little love, and it’s a recipe for a magical birthday!

These children come from families with very little financial resources, and their parents are unable to give them presents or a birthday celebration.  Children in poverty often hear their more affluent classmates talking about their birthday parties, and feel like they are different and out of place.  By providing them with the means to have a birthday party, we are helping these children feel happy, special, and most importantly, normal on their birthdays.

If you would like to make a donation for the Party-In-A-Box kits, you can contact HSP at, or at (630)-221-8340.

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