Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Karole’s Birthday Celebration

HSP has a wonderful, caring team and staff members, but we would be nothing without our brilliant leader and founder Karole Kettering. Today we celebrated Karole’s birthday with cake, cards, and friends. Over the past 33 years, Karole has dedicated her time and effort to helping the needy families and seniors in DuPage and Kane Counties find resources to help them live happy, healthier lives.

We’ve all come to love and know Karole through her work here at HSP and to show our gratitude our staff members, Bridget Dooley, Kristin Maxwell, Alex Gordy, Tierney Hogan, and Matt McGahan, made a list similar to the list made famous by Johnny Carson called “The Top 11 Things We Love and or have Learned from Karole”. Through all the jokes and laughter it was apparent to everyone that Karole had, and still has, a positive effect on those around her. Together, after having our fun and jokes, we all sang happy birthday and cut the cake.
The Staff, Interns, Karole and Floyd

Today reminds us about how far HSP has come over the past 33 years. Since she founded HSP our projects have grown to provide support to even more families. Back in 1979 when Karole and Floyd decided to help local needy families from their spare room at home during the Christmas season it was hard to believe that their Christmas Offering would be such a success. Over time Karole and Floyd added and expanded their Christmas Offering and introduced new program initiatives that formed our programs we have today: The Children’s Birthday Project, Senior Citizen Project, Feed the Kids, School Supply Drive, and of course the ever growing Christmas Offering. HSP has encountered a few challenges here and there, but thanks to Karole’s relentless dedication and passion, we are able to support more impoverished families and seniors than ever before.

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