Friday, October 5, 2012

HSP Thanks Two Fantastic Groups: Chase and Joint Commission

Joint Commission volunteers

At the tail end of this week, HSP has had the pleasure of hosting two phenomenal groups who took time out of their schedules to volunteer and help us by sorting non-perishable food for our Christmas Offering. We wish to extend a huge thank you to these two volunteer groups from the Joint Commission, of Oakbrook Terrace, and Chase Bank.

Yesterday, a group of 14 volunteers from Joint Commission came to help HSP sort out non-perishable foods for our Christmas Offering. With such a large group, we were able to get a jump-start on our food sorting early for the holidays. Joint Commission has been a great supporter of HSP and we want to thank them for all their hard work!

The Chase Good Works group
To help us keep up the great momentum that the Joint Commission got going, today we also happy to host numerous volunteers from JP Morgan Chase who also assisted in our warehouse by sorting non-perishables through the company’s “Good Works” program. Ten wonderful volunteers sorted out non-perishables and managed to have some fun as well. They were a wonderful group to work with and it was a real pleasure having Chase Good Works help us organize our food for our Christmas Offering.

Our Christmas Offering serves 150 needy families during the holidays with three weeks of groceries including, six 25 pound boxes of non-perishables, 7 frozen meats, and 15 varieties of fresh produce. In addition, all 875 needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project, as well as their siblings up to the age of 15, receive gifts through the offering (which will come to about 1500 children in total!) Since this program is such a large, but worthwhile, undertaking, HSP is thankful we had the help of both Joint Commission and Chase Good Works this week, lending their wonderful support to help get the project started on the right foot.

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