Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Festival Toy Drive Donation

This past Sunday was a perfect day for an Apple Festival, noted our founder, Karole Kettering. She and her husband, CEO Floyd Kettering, went to the Illinois Natural Pageant (INP) Apple Fest to pick up a bounty of toys for our Children’s Birthday Project.
 The Apple Festival was hosted at Kildeer Countryside Elementary School in Long Grove, IL. Along with all of the apple themed costumes, foods, games, and entertainment, the Apple Festival Pageant donated 900 toys to HSP! The event was a huge success with numerous groups and individuals who donated 40 or more toys, what generosity! Our van was full to the brim.

HSP would like to thank INP for hosting such a wonderful fall family event and donating an overwhelming amount of toys to our Children’s Birthday Project. In addition to donating a wealth of toys to HSP, this past July INP also donated a great deal of school supplies. HSP would especially like to thank Elizabeth Jones for organizing this toy drive event and for all of her continued support for HSP.
All of INP’s donations go towards strengthening our Children’s Birthday Project. When a family is welcomed into our program, we are able to provide their children with a party in a bag kit that contains all you need for a party: candles, cake, frosting, party favors, decorations, plates, and napkins. In addition to the party in a bag, every year on their birthday the children receive a box filled with new birthday gifts such as new books, stuffed animals, learning games, crafts, dolls, action figures, and much more! Each year our Children’s Birthday Project continues to grow as we serve more and more families with children living in poverty. Every donation helps an impoverished family create wonderful memories for their children on their special day. If you would like to host a toy drive or food drive, please contact us at 630-221-8340 or email us at

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