Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you St. Walter Church!

Humanitarian Service Project would like to issue a big thank you to the confirmation group at St. Walter Church in Roselle, for conducting a large food drive to benefit the needy senior citizens and families in our programs. Parents of the children in St Walter’s confirmation class have been swinging by our center in Carol Stream all day with food collected for the drive. A total of ten cars with trunks full of food have been by already, and the Youth Minister at St. Walter, Karen Campe who organized the drive, says even more are on the way. We at HSP are so excited to receive this drive, as it will allow us to provide for so many senior citizens and families in the area that desperately need it. We want to thank all everyone from St. Walter Church who participated, especially the confirmation children who ran it and the parents who have taken time out of their day to deliver the food. It is this sort of heartfelt service that allows HSP to continue to make a big impact in the lives of the truly needy in our community. Thank you so much.

This food drive has come in at a very important time for Humanitarian Service Project. Humanitarian Service Project provides around 90 pounds of groceries to the 120 needy senior citizens in our Senior Citizen Program every month and, around the holidays, we also provide much needed food to 250 of the needy families with children in our Children’s Birthday Project as well. As you can imagine, we at HSP rely a lot on the help from donations, like this great food drive from St. Walter Church, to make it all possible. If you would like to learn ways you can help HSP reach out to the needy people we serve, you can learn more at this link:

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