Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Helping Us Get a Leg Up

Humanitarian Service Project would like to thank a group of six volunteers from McDonald’s corporate office in Oakbrook for coming to our center in Carol Stream on Monday. The group of six helped us out by wrapping gifts for the children in our Children’s Birthday Project. We were impressed by what fantastic wrappers all of them were, and we most certainly appreciated all of them taking time out of their schedules to help us make birthdays a little more special for the needy children we serve. We at HSP have received a lot of great support from McDonald’s corporate office over the past several years; most recently by participating in school supply drive this summer. We want to thank these fantastic volunteers for the terrific job they did, as well as everyone at McDonald’s corporate office for being such good friends of HSP.

At this time of year, we at HSP are constantly thinking about Christmas because of all the extra things we do to reach out to the needy seniors and families we serve. That is one of the reason’s we were so delighted to have this group from McDonald’s come in and help out with our Children’s Birthday Project, a very important year round service we do around here. With the heartfelt work done by this group of volunteers from McDonald’s they provided us with an extra leg up on the Project so we that we can give our upcoming Christmas Offering the attention it deserves.

If you are interested in helping HSP reach out to the needy senior citizens and families we serve through our programs (like this fantastic group from McDonald’s did) you can learn more about volunteer opportunities at our website here:

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