Monday, November 7, 2011

Putting Students on the Trail to Success

We may be far removed from the season of “back-to-school” shopping, but we at the Humanitarian Service Project know that students do not suddenly stop needing school supplies after the beginning of the school year. We at HSP hope to have chalk meeting chalkboards and pens meeting paper throughout the entire school year. However, there are a lot of needy students in the area whose families have a hard time affording all of the supplies necessary for a successful school year. That is why HSP is happy to announce that last week, a large amount of school supplies were picked up from our center for needy students at Army Trail School in Addison. The supplies were picked up by Linda, an employee at Army Trail School, who said that there are a number of needy students at her school who desperately needed the supplies. Linda also said the school would be working with Army Trail’s sister school, and the other schools in the same district, to make sure some of the supplies got into the hands of students in need at those schools as well.

The supplies were donated to HSP by a number of donors as part of our School Supply Drive. Thanks to the generosity of these donors, Humanitarian Service Project was able to get school supplies out to over two thousand needy children this year, both directly through their families and through donations to schools like this one. We at HSP want to thank everyone who participated in the drive, and we want you to know that your generosity has made an impact in the lives of many needy children.

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