Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Philanthropy out of the Mists

Last night our Community Outreach Coordinator, Paul Yambrovich, was a visitor at the meeting of the DuPage County chapter of the 100+ Women Who Care to express Humanitarian Service Project’s gratitude for the donation of over $11,000 that we received from them recently. Paul was impressed with how the group operated calling them the “100+ Women of Brigadoon.” For those unfamiliar with that classic Gene Kelly film, Brigadoon is the name of a town the magically appears out of the mists for one day once every hundred years. The 100+ Women Who Care group is reminiscent of Brigadoon, because of their unique fundraising method. They meet only four times a year and only for about 45 minutes each time, but at each meeting they raise over $10,000 for a worthy local charity. They then "magically appear out of the mists" to bestow this amazing donation on the unsuspecting, but very grateful, organization!

Paul said it was “an amazing experience to see the women raise over $10,000 for another worthwhile non-profit,” and he described the method which the 100+ Women Who Care use as “the most effective, efficient, and fun philanthropic endeavor” he has witnessed. In less than five years, the group has donated over $220,000 to local charities. As the HSP can attest, this money makes an immense difference in the lives of our neighbors in need that are served by these organizations!

Humanitarian Service Project was the recipient of the funds raised at the 100+ Women Who Care’s August meeting. The money they donated has allowed HSP to sponsor 100 needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project and 8 impoverished seniors in our Senior Citizen Project. We want to thank the group for helping us reach out to those in the area who are burdened by poverty. You can learn more about the DuPage Chapter of the 100+ Women Who Care at this link: or, if you are interested in helping HSP reach out the needy families and senior citizens we serve, you can learn more at this link:

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