Monday, November 14, 2011

It’s a New Record

We at the Humanitarian Service Project are not really in the business of judging world records, but we think we may have just witnessed one. When we opened up today, Rich Knecht from the Give Back Club of Wheaton and Warrenville came in to pick up eight bags full of gifts for the needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project for the group to wrap and return to us. Considering this was only at 9 this morning, we were all a little confused when Rich was already back a little before 11am. The Give Back Club had wrapped eight bags, which have anywhere from 6-15 toys and four books each, in less than two hours! We want to thank the Give Back Club for helping us reach out to the needy children we serve by wrapping the gifts for us, and we are still in shock at the speed in which they did this. We especially want to thank Rich from the club for picking up and dropping the bags off, as well as Lori Belha, from the group, for spearheading, what we assume is, the world’s fastest wrapping party.

At the Humanitarian Service Project our donors and volunteers help us make birthdays and Christmas special for needy children whose families are under the poverty line. For their birthday, each child receives a 20-25 pound box full of gifts and party supplies, to help give them a fantastic birthday. Of course, we at HSP would probably have to win the lottery to pay for the wrapping paper necessary for all 700 children in the program. Thankfully we have wonderful groups and individuals, like the Give Back Club of Wheaton and Warrenville, who donate their time, wrapping paper, and ribbon to help us reach out to these needy children. If you think wrapping gifts for the children in our program sounds like a fun volunteer opportunity, please call us at 630-221-8340 to let us know.

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