Friday, September 23, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight

The Humanitarian Service Project could not run without all of the volunteers who donate their time and utilize their talents to help us run smoothly. Today we wanted to give a special thanks to one of the volunteers who dedicates a lot of time and effort to help out around here, Marion. Now if you’ve visited the HSP office in the past month or so there is a good chance that you have met Marion, she’s been coming by several days a week recently helping take care of a number of important things. Marion has been helping out at HSP in a number of capacities for over a year; first as a substitute driver for our Senior Citizen Project Delivery Days, then she began assisting with food sorting for the Senior Citizen Project, and for the past couple of months helping out around the office.


Marion came to be a volunteer at HSP because of her desire to give back to the community. Marion says that “senior citizens are very near and dear to [her] heart,” which is what initially attracted her to HSP. She says when she learned more about all of the other programs HSP has going on to help the needy, she was more inspired to help out. In turn, we at HSP are inspired by all of the love and hard work Marion puts into volunteering around here. We know that thanks to the efforts of Marion, and other volunteers like her, Humanitarian Service Project has been able to touch the lives of many needy senior citizens and children in the area. We at HSP want to thank Marion and all of the other volunteers for all that they do around here.

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