Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Judy and Cindy

It’s time for another volunteer spotlight, where we at the Humanitarian Service Project give thanks to a couple of the wonderful volunteers who have donated their time and energy into making everything around HSP run smoothly. Today we at HSP would like to thank Judy and Cindy, two longtime volunteers for our Senior Citizen Project. Judy’s relationship with HSP goes back fifteen years when she became interested in our Senior Citizen Project. She began helping out at HSP around the holidays that year, and for seven years has been coming every Wednesday to help organize our seniors’ “Secret Pal” gifts, as well as helping organize food in our warehouse. Judy must have been overjoyed two years ago, when Cindy began volunteering helping with those same tasks every Wednesday. Judy and Cindy’s work helps HSP and our “Secret Pal” donors reach out to the needy seniors in our program through small gifts and other donations. HSP is only able to reach needy seniors and children in the area through the loving work of volunteers like Judy and Cindy, and for that they deserve a big thank you.

HSP’s Senior Citizen Project reaches out to 120 needy senior citizens in the area not only by providing them with food, but also by showing them how much people care. Our Secret Pal Program is one important way our supporters can express how much they care to the seniors by providing them with small monthly gifts. If you wish to learn more about the Secret Pal Program, you can do so by following this link:

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