Monday, September 26, 2011

Generosity 101

It may be cloudy outside, but, thanks to all or the support we receive, we at the Humanitarian Service Project continue our mission to make things a little sunnier for children in need. HSP is happy to announce that a shipment of school supplies went out from our center in Carol Stream to two different schools today, in order to provide for students who are in need of school supplies. The supplies, delivered by volunteer drivers Rich Patera and Ted Kummerer, went to Marquardt Middle School in Glendale Heights and Hermes Elementary School in Aurora. This delivery was made possible by the overwhelmingly generous support from both individual and group donors for our School Supply Drive this summer. Because of this wonderful support, HSP was able to reach hundreds of children in need of supplies directly through their families this summer, as well as, continuing to reach more needy children through deliveries to schools such as this one. We at HSP would like to thank everyone who participated in the drive for making this all possible, and volunteers Rich and Ted for delivering the supplies to the schools, despite the weather today.

Humanitarian Service Project reaches out to needy children and senior citizens in the area through a variety of projects, the School Supply Drive being one of them. We are grateful for all the support we receive from donors and volunteers, who make our endeavors possible. If you would be interested in supporting HSP, you can learn more about our different programs at our website:

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