Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mr. Rice Guy

We get all kinds of donors, here at HSP. Many donate time and effort, some donate money, and others donate all sorts of items. We know some of them well, while others are anonymous, and one in particular is always interesting!

Today, Rice Guy came in.

Once a month, every month, like clockwork, Rice Guy hastily arrives and departs from HSP. He brings 27 pounds of rice and will not tell us his name or anything about himself. He just comes in, puts the rice on the counter, and exits as mysteriously as he entered.

He has been doing this for years. We just know his car, his face, and that he will always bring rice!

It is always a pleasure to get a donation, but we also love the little interesting stories about our donors. We appreciate all the giving hearts we encounter and love to see how each of them gives, in their own way.

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