Friday, May 6, 2011

Ervin Kendzora Book of Golden Deeds

This afternoon, Karole Kettering, Founder/Executive Director and Floyd Kettering, Founder/CEO, Sarah Grindstaff, Senior Citizenship Project Coordinator and Paul Yambrovich, Community Outreach Coordinator, attended the Exchange Club of Naperville Luncheon and Award Ceremony on behalf of their outstanding volunteer, Sue Martinelli. Sue received the Ervin Kendzora Book of Golden Deeds Award. The exchange club awards those volunteers who give hours timelessly and effortlessly to those in need.

Karole Kettering and Sue Martinelli

Sue Martinelli, who has been volunteering at HSP for over 3 years, has volunteered generously by collecting non-perishable food, new toys and books for the Christmas Offering. She is also a Secret Pal to two seniors in the program, and has donated items such as a microwave, TV, recliner, VCR, TV stand, end tables, an air conditioning window unit, and vacuum cleaners. As if these donations were not enough, Sue also takes part in the Holiday Meals Program, where once a month, in honor of a holiday, seniors receive meals from volunteers which are either home-made or store bought. Despite the fact that the two seniors she provides Holiday Meals to are on opposite sides of DuPage County, she says, “The joy I receive from my volunteering fills my heart and soul.”

When Sue began delivering to one of the seniors, 91 year old Juanita, she found out how little family support Juanita had and Sue felt that she simply had to help. In addition to supplying a meal, Sue called her family to help Juanita with the many needed repairs that had to be done around her house. Scraping windows, painting, and installing an air-conditioning window unit are just a few ways Sue and her family helped Juanita.

Sue did not just stop there. When Juanita needed rides to her doctor visits and eye appointments, Sue was right there. When Juanita had mobility issues and started using a walker, Sue was there to help and comfort her. She also helped Juanita in reading her prescriptions.

When Juanita faced the challenging task of packing up her home to move to an assisted living center last December, Sue was there to support her. While Juanita is no longer in our program, Sue continues to visit Juanita and help her in any way she can.

Sarah Grindstaff receiving Sue's award from a member of the Exchange Club

Sue unfortunately could not make it to the event but expressed her sincerest gratitude saying the following:

My sincerest apologies for not being able to attend your wonderful organization’s luncheon today.

Thank you for selecting me to receive your Ervin Kendzora Book of Golden Deeds Award. I am truly honored to be recognized for my volunteering at the Humanitarian Service Project of Carol Stream.

My dedication and drive to help my senior ladies, Juanita and Mirella, organize food drives in my neighborhood and my involvement in the Christmas Giving Tree are a direct result of Karole Kettering and her staff’s enthusiasm and vision. Knowing the difference they are making in so many lives, from children to the elderly in DuPage and Kane Counties makes me grateful to be able to support their efforts.

HSP thanks Sue Martinelli for her gratitude and support, and the difference she makes in the seniors’ lives. Indeed, it is because of volunteers like Sue that there is less suffering in the world.

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