Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Man With a Plan

Yesterday, we got a visit from Mark Cahill of Hunter Douglas. Mark brought us a donation of various non-perishable foods for Feed the Kids and a cash donation!

Mark told us his story about how he came to be involved with HSP. His wife teaches at a school that has helped HSP in the past. He learned about HSP from his wife and wanted to get Hunter Douglas involved.

Mark saw an opportunity with their training seminars. People from all over the country come for these training seminars, once a month. In the past, there was always an entrance fee for the seminar. Mark decided he wanted to change this to something that would benefit the community. He called us up, asked what we needed, and made that the new entrance fee!

This month, it was non-perishable foods for Feed the Kids, but he’ll touch base with us each month to find out what we need!

We are so grateful for this generous gesture and look forward to working with Mark and Hunter Douglas in the future.

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