Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching Up with Old Friends

This morning, Sharon, our Administrative Assistant, and Lesley Ronson-Brown, a volunteer, were the guest speakers at the Central DuPage Rotary Club meeting at Cantigny Golf Club.

They spoke about all the good the project does, how important sponsorships are, and how HSP is able to change the lives of impoverished seniors and children in DuPage County.

Central DuPage Rotary has been a great friend to HSP for many years. They’ve supported us by sponsoring a senior since 1996. It was great to catch up with them and Sharon had a wonderful time.

Sponsorships, donations, and volunteers truly turn the wheels here at HSP and make it possible to change these lives for the better.

“I can honestly say that this program has added years back to my life. I would never be able to afford the healthy food that I need to stay alive. The people at HSP are so wonderful; there isn’t a thing that you could change about them or their program,” said a senior enrolled in our program.

A big thank you goes out to Central DuPage Rotary Club for 13 years of help and generosity!

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