Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday's Christmas Offering

It’s a Tuesday full of hustle and bustle with our Christmas Offering taking place. With the help of fantastic volunteers the 184 families are receiving goodies off Santa’s dock. Each child that is being served today will be receiving a minimum of 5 new toys. Some of the special gifts that have found a deserving home are bikes, video games and roller blades.

Thank you volunteers for bundling up and helping our families have a Merry Christmas. Your hard work and jolly spirit assisted in giving all the families a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts!!

We would also like to thank all the donors that gave so many fantastic gifts. Because of your generosity, all the children will surely have visions of sugar plums dancing in their head as they wait for Santa who will indeed arrive!!

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  1. that color is very difficult to read.