Thursday, December 9, 2010

Giving Trees By The Bus Full


Today giving trees are rolling in. Downer’s Grove North High School Direct Action arrived this morning with a school bus full of giving trees. Filling the entire bus was 152 families’ gifts. With not enough room in the bus to fit it all, a little school bus pulled in after to deliver the 30 seniors gifts. All these gifts are going to make our seniors and children feel extra special on Christmas. Leading the group was their advisor Karen Brown, Lisa her helper and the eight student team worked together to take the giving trees out of the buses, and one step closer to the families that are eager to receive them. Advisor Karen Brown was excited that they were able to support so many needy families this Christmas.

Downer’s Grove North has been doing giving trees for us over the past 15 years and we are very blessed to have their growing support all those years.

Thank you so much Downer’s Grove North Direct Action for your out of this world donation. We could not bring Christmas to all those who need it without you!! We cannot thank you enough!!


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