Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Full of Donations!!

Even during the weekend, HSP was busy. On Saturday we received an outstanding food drive from Glenbard’s South National Honor Society. The fantastic group put up flyers as well as went door to door to collect cans for their very successful food drive.

The food drive is not the only way that the Honor Society helps out at HSP. Every month they come in and put together the fruit and vegetable boxes for the seniors, filled with 7 varieties of fresh fruit and 8 varieties of fresh vegetables as part of the 90 pounds of food they receive on Delivery Day.

The food drive will go to help the 150 families and 120 seniors who are taking part in our Christmas Offering.

Thank you so much Glenbard South National Honor Society, your donation will make them very happy!!!



clip_image002[5]In addition, This morning HSP received a fantastic delivery. Tek Systems dropped off their giving tree gifts. They brought a total of 42 gifts for children who take part in our Christmas Offering. These fantastically wrapped and prepared gifts are going to bring a smile to all the children in our program faces

Thanks a ton Tek System, your gifts will make their Christmas brighter!!!




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