Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting To Know Our Volunteers

Over the years, everyone has gotten the chance to get to know HSP very well. Today we are giving a behind the scene look at the people that truly make HSP possible. Today the spotlight has shined on Evelyn and Larry.

These two fantastic volunteers have been donating their time and talents to HSP for 4 and half years. In fact, this is their 4th Christmas helping out in any way they can. Whether Larry is leading a group of volunteers or DSC04369Evelyn is organizing books in the HSP library, they are a familiar face here at HSP. When they decide to get away, their favorite vacation spot teeters between Paris France and Phoenix Arizona. Actually, any place warm and with no snakes where they can get away from the cold of Illinois winter works for them. When asked what was one talent that you would want that you don’t have now, Evelyn answered to be able to do water coloring, while Larry said playing the piano and being able to make good furniture. Eveyln’s super power if she could have one would be to fly, while Larry’s would be able to print legal money to give to charity. In the spirit of the holidays, their favorite Christmas songs are Feliz Navidad and Jingle Bells.

clip_image002Larry and Evelyn went on to say that HSP is a wonderful organization and they love  everything that we do, but there should be no need for organizations like this to even have to be started. If more people helped out like the wonderful people that donate to HSP, there won’t be so many people struggling each and everyday.

HSP is so honored and grateful to have Larry & Evelyn as volunteers. Our lives as well as each person they have helped are better for knowing them.

Thanks for all you do!!!


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