Monday, September 16, 2013

Thank You G&M Die Casting!

Mark Hirsch with Tissue Donation
          This weekend we received a very generous donation of facial tissue from G&M Die Casting. Mark Hirsch, the owner of the company, came in to deliver the donation. G&M has been a faithful supporter of HSP for 5 ½ years. They have graciously donated and purchased thousands of boxes of facial tissue for needy seniors over the years. This time, they donated sixteen cases, or 480 boxes, of tissues.
          Donations of paper products are very important for our seniors. Last Saturday was our September delivery day. Each month on delivery day, we give each senior two bags of paper products, including 6 rolls of toilet paper, 2 rolls of paper towels, and 2 boxes of tissues. The seniors are always thrilled to receive the paper products, as they cannot afford to buy the paper products for themselves. We are so thankful for donors like G&M who make our monthly deliveries possible. 

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