Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Fun for a Great Cause: Entertainment Books for Sale

With Fall officially here, we’re sure many of you are planning fun autumn outings or events to get the most out of the season. What if we told you HSP has a way for you to save money on these plans, and help us support an impoverished senior at the same time? HSP is currently selling Entertainment 2014 coupon books for the South & West Suburbs, with all proceeds going to supporting the needy seniors in our Senior Citizen Project.

            The Entertainment books have thousands of coupons for local restaurants, stores, entertainment hotspots, and even travel destinations. HSP is selling the books between now and Dec 1st, but the coupons are valid all the way until Dec 30th of NEXT year. The money raised will be used to provide nutritious groceries for seniors suffering from severe poverty. This delivery includes 100 lbs of nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, bread, and paper products that the seniors need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

            Please consider taking this great opportunity to help us care for our needy seniors!

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