Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bountiful Beanie Boos from Ty Inc.

We received a very exciting donation today at HSP from Ty inc., in Westmont. Ty graciously donated a pallet full of stuffed “Beanie Boos” and decorative erasers for the needy children served by our Children’s Birthday Project. With 1,620 monkey “Beanie Boos” and 1,440 erasers graciously donated by Ty, HSP will be able to give one of each item to every impoverished child in the birthday project as well as give them to more needy children as Christmas gifts. HSP would like to thank Ty for this marvelous, generous donation.

Danielle and Jim Spence
            HSP would also like to recognize two people who made this donation possible, Danielle Spence, a former HSP intern, and her father Jim Spence. When giving her father a tour of the HSP Center, Danielle inspired Jim to help us serve the children in our projects. Jim suggested we contact Ty about a donation, and he and Danielle coordinated the donation. Thanks to their efforts and Ty’s generosity, over 1,600 needy children will be receiving these gifts as an extra special birthday, or Christmas, surprise.

            Through our Children’s Birthday Project and annual Christmas Offering, HSP provides memorable birthdays and holidays for needy children in DuPage and part of Kane County. With preparations beginning for the Christmas Offering, this wonderful donation from Ty came at a great time. If you too would be interested in assisting HSP in providing gifts to needy children, you can learn more at our website: http://humanitarianservice.org/getinvolved/toydrive.html.

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