Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lexis Nexis Volunteers!

Today HSP was very fortunate to have nine volunteers from Lexis Nexis helping to sort paper products for our Senior Citizen Project and non-perishables for our Christmas Offering!  

The employees of the Lexis Nexis in Lombard are longtime and regular supporters of HSP and we are always very glad to have their help!  In preparation for next month’s SCP delivery day, the volunteers sorted paper product donations including paper towels, toilet paper and Kleenex that will eventually be bundled and delivered to our 123 seniors.  The volunteers also helped to prepare for our Christmas offering by sorting non-perishable food that will distributed to needy seniors and families in the month of December.  We are so grateful for the 2 hours of hard word the group dedicated to the program.  Their contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of our seniors!

We are extremely grateful for all of our volunteers and would not be able to serve our seniors without their selfless contributions! If you are interested in volunteering for HSP or would like more information about our programs visit our website at or contact us at  

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