Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thank You, Benet Academy

Today HSP received a phenomenal food drive from the students and faculty at Benet Academy in Lisle. A lone Benet Academy bus braved the rain to drop the food off at HSP’s Center today, packed full of non-perishable food for the needy seniors in our Senior Citizen Project. A teacher at Benet, Jackie Bedour, got together with several of her colleagues when she heard of the great needs of the seniors in the program. They decided to offer some extra credit points to students who brought in canned goods, or other non-perishables. These teachers certainly know how to motivate their students, as the bus was absolutely chalk full of donations. We wish to thank the students and teachers at Benet Academy for responding to the call to action, helping us provide nutritious food to very needy seniors.

Benet Academy’s donation came at the perfect time, as we are currently preparing to deliver 100 lbs. of nutritious groceries to each of the 121 needy seniors in our program this Saturday. With HSP delivering over 6 tons of groceries to meet the nutrition needs of these impoverished seniors every month, food drives, like this one, are always needed to keep our pantry shelves full of the food these seniors need to maintain a healthy diet. Among the items that are always in most demand are soups, peanut butter, jelly, and main meal kits (like Hamburger Helper, etc.) The non-perishable foods donated by Benet Academy will help us full the needs of several needy and deserving seniors. If you too would like to help HSP reach these seniors by donating food, you can learn more at our website:

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