Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bridget!

It’s a special day at the Humanitarian Service Project, as we are celebrating the birthday of one of the members of the HSP team, Bridget Dooley. Those of you who have visited the HSP Center have, no doubt, received a cheery welcome from Bridget, and today is our opportunity to give back a little of the happiness and joy Bridget so selflessly spreads to others. Whether it be welcoming volunteers, or serving parents coming to pick up the “Birthday Boxes” for the needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project, Bridget always makes sure to share a smile with everyone she meets. This, in addition to the many other qualities that make Bridget special, are the reasons we want to make Bridget’s birthday memorable.

HSP’s staff and interns all got together this afternoon for lunch, to recognize Bridget on her special day. Even magnanimous on her birthday, Bridget didn’t seem to mind when many of HSP’s staff members sang “Happy Birthday” off key, or when we violated her “less is more” decoration policy. Bridget brings a sunny spirit with her wherever she goes, and we hope today brings her all the happiness she deserves. Please join us in wishing Bridget a Happy Birthday!

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