Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gregory Middle School Runs Successful Fundraiser for Needy Kids

HSP would like to thank two teams of 6th graders from Gregory Middle School, who raised $200 for the needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project. In a creative way to both encourage learning and raise money for the needy, the students collected 1,000 books and sold them to other students, teachers, and staff at the school. According to Julie Lis, a sixth grade teacher at Gregory, the students of teams 6-2 and 6-4 were inspired to give the money to the needy children in our project, based on the recommendation of Laurie Bruder , the school’s Student Council advisor. HSP wishes to thank the students who participated in this fantastic fundraiser, as well as Julie and Laurie for the roles they played in getting the students organized.

Running a book sale for the sake of the needy kids in our Children’s Birthday Project sure is appropriate, as, among the other gifts they receive, each child in the program receives 6 new books to promote good reading habits. This fundraiser is just the most recent generous contributions the students at Gregory Middle School have made for the sake of the needy children we serve. Just last fall, the student council ran a toy drive to provide birthday gifts to the children in the project, which has become an annual tradition at the school. We wish to thank everybody at Gregory Middle School for their enduring support. If you too would like to help HSP serve the needs of local children, you can learn ways to do so on our website: www.humanitarianservice.org .

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