Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HSP Welcomes a New Intern!

Humanitarian Service Project would like to introduce the newest member of our bright, intern team, Karima Daboub. Karima is in the Master of Public Health program at Benedictine University, and will be working at HSP to complete a research project over the next two months, before she graduates. For her project, Karima will be studying ways to allow better access to healthy food for low-income individuals. With our Senior Citizen Project, and other programs, geared towards providing nutrition to the neediest in our communities, we feel Karima’s project is a perfect fit, and we are glad to be hosting her at HSP.

Karima is originally from Libya, and has lived in the US for five years with her husband, 12-year-old daughter, and 9-year-old son. When she graduates, Karima will return to Libya, where she plans to utilize the fruits of her research working for the public health department, and as a teacher in Medical School (she is also a physician.) When not working on earning her Master’s Degree, Karima enjoys cooking and reading. She spends much of her reading time reading books in Arabic with her children, to ensure they maintain the language skills they will need when they return to Libya. HSP is grateful to have Karima joining our intern team, and look forward to the ways her research will help the needy seniors and families in our programs, as well as the other needy people Karima plans to serve in they future. Please join us in welcoming Karima to HSP.

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