Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quite the Story

A person doesn’t have to be around Humanitarian Service Project for long before they start acquiring good stories to tell. Today, it was Paul Yambrovich, our Community Outreach Coordinator, who got a new story under his belt. We thought it imperative to share this story with all of our supporters, not just because we think it is such a great story, but because all of our supporters had a hand in making it a reality.

Paul’s story is about Lake Park Elementary School in Addison. Earlier this week, we delivered Christmas gifts to all 416 children at the school, and Paul was invited to the school today to witness all of the children receive the toys. He described it as “the coolest thing [he’s] seen since [he’s] been here at HSP. The kids were so happy; many of them were literally jumping up and down for joy.”

Lake Park Elementary is a school with many needy children. Almost 90% of the students come from families so economically needy that they are on the free lunch program. Lake Park’s principal told Paul that for many of the needy students at the school, this would likely be all they would receive for Christmas. It is only through the overwhelming support of all of our supporters that HSP was able to provide gifts to these needy children at Lake Park Elementary, and the over 1100 other children we have reached out to this Christmas. We want to thank all of donors and volunteers for all they have done to make it possible.

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