Thursday, December 15, 2011

It Sure Beats a Partridge in a Pear Tree

This time of year, it is unlikely for any to go the entire day without hearing a song about Christmas. Everyone is sure to have their own favorite, but a very popular one likely to be heard by all this year is “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Many of the gifts described in this classic Christmas song are somewhat peculiar (when was the last time your true love gave you three French hens?) In fact, unless you are a really big bird person or are really into watching lords leap, the gifts included in the song are downright impractical. However, we at the Humanitarian Service Project have been blessed to receive far more practical gifts this Christmas; the gift of wonderful volunteers.

We have been so lucky to have a number of groups and individuals who, to show their “true love,” instead of sending away for a partridge in a pear tree have taken it upon themselves to donate their time and energy to help us reach out to needy families at Christmas time. We want to specifically thank the groups who came in today to work in our warehouse. Firstly, we want to thank the Transition Group from Glenbard North High School who helped us set up to prepare for the first stage of our Christmas Distribution, which is this Saturday. We would also like to thank a group of 5 from Kohl’s who helped us sort gifts, as well as sort and weigh potatoes and onions for the needy families coming on Saturday. Last but not least we want to thank a group of four from the Roselle Lyons Club who, among other things, helped us organize gifts in our warehouse. We want to thank these groups, and all of our other wonderful volunteers. We wish them a joyful 12 days of Christmas.

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