Monday, December 19, 2011

Distributing Cheer

Humanitarian Service Project would like to extend a humongous thank you for the over 70 volunteers that made the first stage of our Christmas Offering Distribution a success this past Saturday. Thanks to these hardy volunteers we succeeded in providing 100 of the needy families enrolled in our children’s birthday project with Christmas gifts for all children age 3 to 15 in their family as well as over 250 pounds of food (including fresh produce, seven frozen meats, bread, a turkey, and six boxes of non-perishables.) Our second distribution day is tomorrow, in which over 230 needy families from our children’s birthday project will be receiving Christmas gifts, as well as food, to help make Christmas special for them. With all the wonderful support we have received from our donors and volunteers, we are prepared for another successful distribution tomorrow. We want to thank each and every one of our supporters from the bottom of our hearts, it is only through your heartfelt assistance that HSP is able to make such a positive impact in the lives of so many needy people in the area.

We are also happy announce that because of the overwhelming support we have received for our Christmas Offering this year, today HSP was able to donate Christmas gifts to every student at Lake Park Elementary School in Addison today (totaling 416 students.) Almost 90% of the students at Lake Park Elementary come from families with low enough economic backgrounds to qualify for free school lunch. If it were not for the wonderful support we have received from our generous donors and steadfast volunteers, we would never have been able to reach out to this very needy school.

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