Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hot off the Presses

There is an old adage that says “all press is good press.” However, we at the Humanitarian Service Project know this old saying is inaccurate because some press isn’t good, it’s great! For that reason, we at HSP are excited to announce that HSP was featured in both The Daily Herald and The Carol Stream Press over the weekend.

Both articles were about the toys donated by HSP to the needy children at Lake Park Elementary in Addison.

You can read the Daily Herald article online here:

And the Carol Stream Press article online here:

We want to thank Beth Mistretta at The Daily Herald and Sara Smith at The Carol Stream Press for the, not good but great, articles getting the word out about HSP. We also want to thank all of our supporters who made the donation for all the needy students at Lake Park, and all the other 1100+ children we served this Christmas, possible. It is only through your heartfelt support that HSP is newsworthy.

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