Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Special Visitor Spends the Day at HSP!

As all of us have been battling with this week’s heat wave, so have some of our four-legged friends! Yesterday, Sharon, our Administrative Assistant, brought a special visitor to HSP – her incredibly sweet dog, Beeju. In the middle of the day, the power in her home went out, which also cut off the air conditioning, leaving poor Beeju alone in the stifling heat. Once our Executive Director, Karole, heard about this, she told Sharon to go straight home, pick up Beeju, and bring him to HSP for the day.

Beeju melted the hearts of everyone here at HSP with his adorable puppy dog eyes and his playful and loving attitude. He is a 3 and half year old Teddy Bear, which Sharon calls a fabulous mix of the best three breeds – Poodle, Bishon Freese, and Shitzu. Beeju was so curious about all the activity in the office and made the interns feel extremely loved.

Fortunately, the power in Sharon’s home has been switched back on and her Beeju is able to stay cool and safe at home today, though we do miss having our furry friend around here!

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