Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Storm Passes Through

Many of the employees and interns here at HSP experienced the intense storm at its fullest last night and it was truly severe summer weather. The combination of scorching temperatures, forceful winds, thunder and lightening left trees down and power out this morning from the thunderstorms.

Sharon, HSP’s Administrative Assistant, has been without power since late last night and some of us at HSP had to drive to work through traffic lights that were out. We hope the weather clears up soon and we can bring back the relaxing summer sun!

Everyone here at HSP hopes that no one had too much damage from the storm and was able to be some where safe. As a precaution, HSP suggests that you stay tuned to local weather reports when the weather looks compromising and be sure to keep flashlights handy incase the power ever goes out.

HSP wishes everyone safe being in this crazy summer weather!

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