Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feed the Kids July Pick-up Day

Today is our July Feed the Kids pick-up day! We have a great group of volunteers working with us this morning and we would not be able to make this day a success without them. They are already working hard and with temperatures in the mid-80s today, we have made sure there is enough water to keep everyone well-hydrated.

A number of families have already come to pick up their food this morning. Each family will receive about 250 pounds of non-perishables, fruits, vegetables, frozen meats, and bread. By the end of the summer, 100 families will have received a total of 750 pounds of food each through Feed the Kids.

The volunteers this morning are full of energy and are happy that their efforts today will be helping the disadvantaged families of the community. Rachel Wincenciak, who has been volunteering at HSP over the past 5 years said, "No matter what your job is, you know you're contributing to something greater because in the big picture, you're helping out a lot of people. It is more than worth it to spend a couple of hours out here."

Not only do we greatly appreciate the work our volunteers are doing today, but we are also so thankful for all of the volunteers who have contributed their time over the past month in preparation for today.

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