Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keeping Up With Our Interns

Today at HSP we have five out of our seven interns in the office! Our interns have all been working very hard lately and we would like to take this opportunity in our blog to keep you updated with what they are up to.

Michelle who has been with us since late May has been working on the senior referrals for things such as hearing aids and glasses. She has also been working on sending out thank yous to our senior sponsors, and updating our Senior Citizen Project waiting list. We will miss Michelle because unfortunately next week is her last week here.

Alaina, who has also been with us since late May, has been making display boards for our speaker team and updating the display boards in the warehouse. Alaina, sadly, is wrapping up her projects because today is her last day here at HSP.

Mo is helping us out with contacting libraries to find out if we can set up display boards and brochures in their locations, later today she will also help out by sorting school supplies that have been donated to us.

Dan, who has been at HSP since mid June has been working on some of our manuals. He will also be helping Mo in the warehouse today sorting school supply donations.

Andrew has been making and designing a manual for our website. This is very important because other interns will need to know how to navigate through the website in the future.

HSP’s two other interns Lauren, and Naveed, have also been working hard and we would like to thank all our interns for their dedication!

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