Friday, February 25, 2011

What a Pleasant Surprise


When my professor at Elmhurst College said I was to perform my field experience of my internship at Humanitarian Service Project, I did not know what to expect. From the initial interview, I could sense an authentic dedication by the staff at HSP to the needs of humanity. My spirits were immediately lifted. I was excited to get started immediately. I had to wait an entire week anticipating my start at HSP.

Now I am here at HSP. It is a wonderful place and they do amazing things for many people. When I learned about HSP’s programs, the Children’s Birthday Project, the Senior Citizen Project, and the Feed the Kids programs, I was in awe.

As I began my first day, preparing my first press release, I noticed that even the smallest contribution assists those in need in the biggest ways and brings joy to a person who otherwise would not have that joy in their life. How rewarding is that!

From children receiving wrapped toys on their birthday and Christmas [not only toys, but books and school supplies] to senior’s being giveDane Picturen nourishing foods delivered to their doorsteps and children and families having well balanced meals delivered. How cool is that!

The staff walks around exhilarated; wearing contagious smiles and loving every minute of the day. I am scheduled for a brief internship, but I have the feeling the influence HSP has on me will last an entire lifetime.

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