Thursday, February 17, 2011

February HEAT WAVE!!

With our temperatures reaching almost 60 degrees on this lovely February day, it is almost difficult to believe that one of the worst blizzards in Chicago history was only a few weeks ago! Could this fantastic weather be a sign of brighter days to come? Could spring only be a few sunsets away? Those of us at HSP sure hope so! We are anxiously awaiting the smell of fresh cut grass and lazy summer nights. Until the glorious days of summer decide to brighten our day, it is important that we remember all of our amazing helpers at HSP. Even through the beastly blizzard of 2011, HSP has kept our bird feeders filled and our bird baths overflowing. Hopefully, our smaller team members do not mind melted snow as a way to quench their thirst!! Happy February Heat Wave, everybody!!


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