Monday, September 27, 2010

Toilet Paper Rolls In

One of our supporters wrote us:

I was sharing the HSP yesterday with my boys, Ben and Nate. We were going
to make a run to Costco to pick up some paper products for the seniors. It
occurred to me that maybe some of the boys take a copy of the newsletter to
their friends' houses and see if they would like to donate.

They decided they needed a wagon to carry the donations and went next door
to Hugo's house to borrow one. Of course, Hugo wanted to help.

We painted signs for the wagon and the boys were just about to head out
when neighbor Joe pulled into his driveway. Joe and his little sister Libby also
wanted to help, but first Libby wanted to invite her girlfriends Lucy and
Shannon. They got their bikes and scooters and then the team was ready to go!

They walked around several blocks visiting their friends' houses. Ben used
the newsletter to explain who HSP is and why they were looking for donations.
They collected 22 rolls of paper towels, 26 rolls of toilet paper, and 7 boxes
of tissues. Mission accomplished.

Picture left to right are: Hugo, Lucy, Nate, Ben, Joe, Shannon, and Libby. Thanks so much everyone! We still need toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues. Can you help?

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