Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle for Seniors

Yesterday, representatives from Comfort Keepers, who provide in-home care for seniors and others throughout the Chicagoland area and in other states as well, visited HSP and toured the Center. Before leaving, Melissa and Susan helped us unload a whole pallet of nonperishable food, which was collected during their area-wide food drive. Not only that, but Erin came back in the afternoon with another donation--this time enough for 2 pallets. That's a fully stuffed carload in lay terms!

After checking out Comfort Keepers website, we learned this advice for senior good nutrition:

An effective strategy for improving wellness is to gradually adopt healthful habits, one step at time.

A healthy diet can help slow the onset of diseases and help seniors manage symptoms. By making small changes to a senior's diet, one step at a time, the opportunity for success is greater. Here are five steps to help improve the eating habits of older adults: (See Comfort Keepers website for more details)

Step 1: Drink more water

Step 2: Eat the right snacks

Step 3: Add fiber to the diet--but slowly, to give your body a chance to adjust

Step 4: Limit the salt

Step 5: Encourage exercise.

These five simple steps are a great start to a healthier lifestyle. Before changing any exercise or eating habits please speak with your doctor.

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