Friday, September 24, 2010

So, what’s most popular this Christmas 2010?

The donors, sponsors, and parents wonder what do kids want this Christmas. Look no further, we here at HSP analyzed the most popular items among boys and girls, and divided them by age group.

The most popular items among GIRLS break down as follows:

Ages: 3-7: Princess Doll (Disney & Barbie)

Ages: 7-12: FurReal Friends GoGo My Walkin’ Pup

Ages 12-14: Aeropostale Gift Card

For BOYS, video games seemed to lead the way.

Ages 3-7: Toys R Us Gift Card with Transformers and Lego Star Wars taking first place.

Ages 7-12: Video Games, the most popular being NBA 2K11.

Ages 12-14 are perfectly happy with a Game Stop Gift Card.

Our analysis showed that the items that make the most popular gifts, REGARDLESS OF GENDER & AGE are as follows:Add Image

Bike with Training Wheels, Nintendo DS Console, Roller Blades

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