Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bloomingdale Cub Scouts' School Supplies Drive!

Although the school year has begun, many poverty stricken children are still in need of school supplies. With their backpacks not yet full, these children are without the vital tools to help them in the classroom.

7 young cub scouts from pack 401 in Bloomingdale decided to help these underprivileged children in a very generous way. The troop planned a school supplies drive in which they reached out to their fellow classmates and teachers for donations. The boys also personally chose some supplies they thought the other children might need. In the end, each boy scout provided one bag of school supplies to be donated to our school supplies program. They delivered the full bags and went on a tour at the HSP center to see how they would be helping! These 7 bags full of school supplies will serve as a very special gift to deserving children and their families.

We would like to thank these 7 boys for their generous work in helping others in their community. Their compassion has truly made a huge difference! More than 150 families have picked up their backpacks overflowing with school supplies. We are excited to add this donation to our supply! We thank all of our supporters and volunteers for allowing us to help our less fortunate neighbors. We could not do it without you!
Cub Scout pack 401

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