Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Giant Steps Volunteer Program!

It is always great to see young people engaged in helping those in need. Last week, HSP was blessed to have a group of young volunteers from Giant Steps, in Lisle, lend their support. Their main mission is to improve the function and quality of daily life for teens with autism all the way through adulthood. Giant Steps came in to volunteer to sort food for the impoverished seniors served by our Senior Citizen Project last week. On Tuesday, they had to depart early due to weather conditions, but still managed to volunteer their time. On Thursday, this group returned bringing a generous food donation. Finally on Friday, 13 students and aides volunteered for one hour helping us organize non-perishable food to provide to needy seniors. We would like to thank the volunteers of Giant Steps for dedicating their time and passion for improving the service here at HSP! It was a pleasure to host Giant steps last week and we greatly appreciate their efforts! You can check out Giant Steps online at http://www.mygiantsteps.org/ for more information.

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