Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jones Lang & Lasalle

Yesterday, HSP received a generous donation from the employees of Jones Lang and Lasalle (JLL) who ran a school supply drive that consisted of backpacks and other supplies for impoverished children. It was a companywide School Supply Drive organized by JLL employee Kathy Cole. JLL was very successful, collecting a total of 30 backpacks which included supplies inside for children grades 1 through 4. On top of that, the company even provided 6 bags and 1 box of extra supplies to HSP so children will not have to worry about missing out at school because they cannot afford supplies. The purpose of HSP’s annual School Supply Drive is to help children be prepared and achieve success in the classroom. We really appreciate JLL for this generous donation for the sake of needy children. If you too would be interested in helping HSP reach out to impoverished children, you can learn more by going to our website at

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