Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ribfest Coming up Fast

The Humanitarian Service Project would like to announce to our friends that Ribfest is returning to Naperville on July 3rd-6th and that HSP is in the process of looking for volunteers to represent HSP during the event.

            Volunteers can do a number of things to help out at Ribfest such as serving beverages, assisting in the identification tents, helping in children play areas, distributing information at event gates, serving as parking attendants, assisting in cleaning up the grounds, and supporting the merchandising tents. Volunteers not only help HSP and Ribfest’s organizers, the Exchange Club of Naperville, but also get free admission for the event when their shifts are over. As such, many of the more coveted slots for volunteering are held earlier in the day so that the volunteers can partake of the event for the remainder of the day. Furthermore, the amount of volunteers representing HSP directly correlates to more money for our Feed the Kids program.

            HSP would like to ask those interested in volunteering to contact us directly. Now that volunteer registration is open, we would also like to remind those interested in volunteering that contacting HSP sooner is better than later. If you or someone you know may be interested in volunteering at Ribfest for HSP, please call us at 630-221-8340. Please contact HSP and make a difference in our local communities!

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